Katy + Patrick

>> January 28, 2011

Granville Island is one of those places that is filled with fond memories for almost anyone you could ask. Whether you visit the island for the fresh fruit in the market, the magic shows, art, unique stores, live theatre and music, the kids market, or just to people-watch on a sunny day, I'm sure it's put a smile on your face at some point or other. For me it was making the long drive out to Granville Island with my mom when I was a kid. Once a summer we'd spend the day wandering around just the two of us and soaking up whatever there was to see. We ended each trip by devouring some tasty confection by the water, keeping an eye on the seagulls and marking the end of a glorious day.
Traipsing through the colourful landscapes of Granville Island with Katy and Patrick, we created some new fond memories in preparation for even happier ones this fall. I can think of no better place for a celebration.


SCENES+SERENADES May 6, 2011 at 10:00 PM  

Awesome colour contrast/complement between the couple's outfit, rug, books, and the building wall and window.

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